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Best Knife Safety Tips To Prevent Injury

Posted by on Oct 4, 2016 in Knives |

Utility and everyday carry knives are small, lightweight knives that are used for different purposes like cutting ropes and cardboard, opening boxes, and in craft work. While these blades are available in different shapes and sizes, they all share one common aspect, and that is, they all have a sharp blade that can be retracted into a plastic or wooden body/housing when not in use. There are even some knives that allow the user to extend the knife’s blade to different lengths (a feature that’s quite common in utility knives), depending on what one is cutting.

Since a utility/EDC knife is a small and portable cutting tool, there is a very high chance that one could hurt him/herself with it if mishandled. To avoid serious injuries and accidents, it is advisable that you learn more about utility/EDC knife handling. Here are some safety requirements and tips for you to consider to avoid injuring/harming yourself.

Always Make Sure That the Knife’s Blade is Retracted When Not in Use

person’s hand getting cutUtility and everyday carry knives have sharp blades that can injure anyone who touches them by accident. It is advisable that you retract the knife’s blade into its housing immediately if you are done cutting. You are also advised never to pass the knife to another person when still cutting stuff. Doing this could lead to the other person’s hand getting cut. Make it a habit of storing your utility/EDC knives safely or in closed and protected locations with the rest of your tools. This will minimize the chances of the knife landing in the wrong hands.

Avoid Looking Away or Talking When Cutting

When using an everyday carry or utility knife, it is advisable that you concentrate on what you are doing. Talking or looking away while cutting is not advisable and could lead to you cutting yourself severely. It’s also good practice to always keep children away from where you are working.

The Blade Guru provides information about knives. Visit their homepage for more details.

Always Make Sure Your Body Is Away from The Knife’s Cutting Line

Many utility/EDC knife injuries occur because workers hold the object they are working on with the other hand, leaving the hand in the path of the knife’s blade. When making quick cuts in a straight line, it becomes very easy for the knife to injure you. It is, therefore, advisable that you keep your hand and the rest of the body away from the blade’s cutting path. Always think about the line that you’re going to cut before starting.

Use Gloves

When using a utility knife, it is advisable that you wear cut-resistant work gloves (especially on the hand that’s holding the object being cut) to avoid cutting or nicking yourself. Having gloves on could save you a lot of pain in case a slippage occurs; at least, your hand will be protected. However, to minimize the chances of even harming yourself when cutting, consider using a restraining device like a clamp to hold the object you are working on in place as you cut.

Always Make Sure That the Surface You Are Working On Is Stable

Surface You Are Working OnWhen using utility knives to cut or open things, it is important to ensure that the object you are working on is on a steady and clear surface. This way, it will be really hard for the object to tip or tilt as you cut. At the same time, it is advisable that you clear any clutter or unnecessary objects placed on the surface you are working on. Also, it is important that you never place the items you are working on directly on furniture as this could lead to you scratching or even cutting your furniture with the knife.

Avoid Using EDC/Utility Knives For Unsuitable Tasks

Never use a utility or everyday carry knife for tasks it was never intended to do. While utility or EDC knife blades are hard and are designed to withstand most forms of abuse, it is important that you do not use them other than cutting stuff. While you can use your everyday carry knife as a screwdriver when you do not have any other option, be careful since a minor mistake or slip could lead to serious injury or even maiming.

Check The Knife’s Blade and Handle Often

Dull and rusted blades in utility/EDC knives could cause serious accidents since you will have to exert more pressure to cut. As such, you are advised to inspect your knife/knives often and to ensure that the handle is still sturdy. If your knife’s blade looks dull or has rust on it, then consider replacing it.

When it comes to handling knives, be it utility knives, everyday carry knives or even domestic use knives, you are advised to be very cautious when cutting stuff to avoid injuring yourself or people near you. With these knife safety, usage and storage tips, staying safe should not be much of an issue.

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New music trends that must disappear in order to make the music better

Posted by on Jun 2, 2016 in Music News |

   We can all agree that the state of the popular music is quite low, at the bottom of the pit if you ask some people. A great part of the downfall of the popular music is due to autotune and similar additions, but there are some trends that make our music really bad.

These new trends made our music really bad and only through their disappearance can our music can become good once again. It might sound strange, but sometimes the new things are bad, and in these cases it is proven to be true.

    Old artists that are trying to adapt to new music styles are making our scene really bad. Their music was big in their days, but the taste of the audience changed and they are left with old glory only. Some of them try to adapt and they make songs that are something completely different from what they did before and it doesn’t work and we are left with bad songs from well-known artists.1401x788-20140530-100countrysongs-x1800-1401482343

    We have nothing against transvestites and cross-dressers, but we don’t want them as the focal point of our music. Surely, if a transvestite is a good singer then we will listen to him or her or it, but if they are trying to build their fame (as they do) on the point that they are transvestites then we gain bad songs and that is the exact thing we don’t want.

    tupac_-_smile_123One thing that we can’t get around is the diva plus rapper songs. Yes, they were very popular back in the 90s, but they aren’t popular for some time and still some people try to make hit songs through this kind of collaboration. Please, people, wake up and look at the calendar, its 20 years past this kind of collaboration so forget about it, save us.

    Please, please, please stop singing about molly. It was a fad that lasted for a week or two and there are dozens of songs written about molly and your contribution will be as bad as all others. So, when you hear a song about molly, don’t think about writing another abomination about molly, it will not be good, trust us.

    Hoedowns are generally rare in songs and they are good because they are rare. But some bands started using them in every song and that diminished their value. So, right now whenever we hear a song with hoedown we gain murderous urges and we hate them. Please stop using hoedowns and make our music better.NSYNCMain

   Whenever we see a new boy band with a “hit song” that should blow us away a part of each of us dies away. The era of boy bands ended a long time ago and in general, it wasn’t a successful thing at all. People though that new boy band wave would do the trick but in the end, it only plagued the music scene with bad songs and awkward looking bands.


If you are a sane person then you will fight against these trends that are destroying everything we love in our music.


Performers that keep the pop on the top

Posted by on Jun 2, 2016 in Music News |

  Telling you that the world of popular music is at its lowest in the last 30 years is a waste of time as you’re probably aware of that already. The industry has decided to crank the soulless caricatures and fill our time with so called “artists” like Bieber and One Direction. But not everything is lost as there are several artists and bands that are keeping the pop alive.

   69ef937c0796ce895b5970be82cae6afWe have one of the hardest working musicians when it comes to pop music, Ryan Tedder. He is a music writer for the One Republic, and he also works for anyone who wants his voice in their songs. The list of people with whom this guy worked is long (and it includes Adele, Ludicrous, and Beyonce and so on). Apart from being a talented musician, he is also a very good songwriter. His songs aren’t just gibberish they have deep meaning, and some of them will bring tears to your eyes.

    Justin Timberlake came far from being a member of a boy band. The change came in 2007 when he released his album, and boy, what an album that was. With just that one album he went from being a girly boy into being a pop star. For some time, he was off the charts, and there were little to no news about what he is up to. That all changed with the 20/20 Experience that will hopefully wipe out the One Direction and similar boy band jokes.201404-master-class-promo-10-949x534

Gorillaz is a pop band heavily influenced by the range of other genres including rock and electronica. They started as a virtual band, and their first single Clint Eastwood was the first brick that built their fame. This band is quite experimental as they don’t stagnate in their work as many other bands. Every next song they make is a unique thing that captures the attention of everyone. Feel Goof Inc and Plastic Beach are the songs that prove their diversity and their will to change constantly and make new and good pop music.gorillaz1

    Ed Sheeran is refreshment on the pop scene, and he is beloved by teenage girls. This is good because he takes the part of the audience that listens to Bieber and similar quasi-singers and serves them some good and meaningful songs. He is also known as a songwriting genius, and his songs are intelligent. Who would have guessed that the British guy that is also short and ginger would be a person that will save our pop scene? The fact that he wrote a song to Once Direction is also a good thing, because they will be able to sing something other than a jumble of words without any meaning or sense.


Lana Del Ray found her place in this article due to her music. Her music draws its roots from the fifties and the sixties, a time in which music was truly relevant, melancholic and meaningful. Her first album was a blast, and we truly hope that she will come back with a masterpiece as the first album was.

History of Jazz – Django Reinhardt

Posted by on Jun 2, 2016 in Music News |

    Django Reinhardt was a French composer of the Romani origin. He influenced a lot of developing jazz as the music genre and introducing the guitar in that genre. He was considered as one of the major guitarists of that period because of its skill with the guitar and various tricks he had done with the guitar because his fingers were paralyzed when he was burnt in a fire. Django Reinhardt founded one of the most popular jazz bands called Quintette du Hot Club de France which is described as “one of the most original jazz bands in history.” He was also a good friend with his band colleague and a famous violinist, Stephan Grappelli.sg_3

    Django learned to play various instruments while he was in Romani encampment on the outskirts of Paris. He played banjo, violin, and guitar. He was so talented that he made for a living with just 15 years of age. When he was 18 years of age, a fire started in his caravan. This resulted in him losing two fingers. Doctors believed that he wasn’t able to play the guitar ever again in his life but Django’s brother bought him a guitar, and he started to practice.

    Then he started experimenting with music. He was fascinated by the American jazz musicians, and he wanted to go along those tracks. To introduce the guitar into jazz, he bought himself a Selmer guitar which would be great for the later known “jazz manouche” or the gypsy jazz. This introduction made him very popular. He created a band in 1934, with his brother Joseph, Stephane Grappelli, Roger Chaput and Louis Vola. He recorded very popular tunes at that time which was “Georgia on My Mind” and “Nagasaki”. Django and his band recorded and played with many American jazz musicians such as Coleman Hawkins, Benny Carter, Adelaide Hall, etc.

    This was the nice and great history of the great Paris jazz quintet but then came the Second World War. The quintet was in the UK at the time, and Reinhardt immediately returned to Paris. He spent entire occupation in Paris and with a little bit of luck he wasn’t sent to the concentration camp as many people of Romani origin was. Nazis officially disapproved jazz, but some of the Wehrmacht officers such as Dietrich Schulz-Köhn loved jazz which Django played.tumblr_modyxf772n1qbcppho1_540

    After the war, Django and his team did a great tour in the US where they played with Duke Ellington. Django greatest success was his concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. He wanted to stay in the States to play jazz there. He wasn’t able to acquire an adequate guitar for himself, but instead, he played on borrowed electric guitar which wasn’t expressing the full richness of his style.

    He returned to Paris to play jazz, but that wasn’t the same city as it was before the war. Django Reinhardt, tireless jazz player and guitarist, inventor of manouche jazz retired to Samois-Sur-Seine where he died. He was 43 years old.

Guitar – The most popular instrument

Posted by on Jun 2, 2016 in Music News |

   The guitar is one of the today’s most played instruments. This interesting instrument originated in Spain and became popular in the 20th century. When someone is learning to play some instrument, the guitar is usually the most popular choice. Somehow everybody wants to become a rock star. What are the characteristics of this great instrument and what does it makes it so great, you can read further in the text?

    Guitar’s basis is the body and the most popular 6-string basis. It makes it simple and easy to learn. First of all, you should know that there are two main guitar types. The first one is acoustic guitar and the second one is the electric guitar. The acoustic guitar has an additional division, on guitar with nylon strings and guitar with steel strings. Let’s talk about them first.tak_etn10c_front

    Guitars became quite popular in the 20th century because of the rock ’n’ roll, but before that, most people played acoustic guitars. Nylon strings guitar became very popular at the end of 19th century.

There were many Spanish popular guitarists and composers of that period, such as Francisco Tarrega and later Andres Segovia. Tarrega composed great works such as Adelita, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Gran Jota, etc. Andres Segovia played mostly his transcripts of great works of other composers, such as Bach, Tarrega, and Fernando Sor.

    FBQZTAIGKGL89L4.MEDIUMGuitar with steel strings is something different. Both of them are acoustic, but the guitar with steel strings is used mostly in rock, while the nylon string is used for playing classical pieces. When it comes to playing the guitar itself, steel-string guitars are harder because of the steel strings.  Steel string guitar is also very popular in playing blues melodies. The steel-string guitar is making brighter and louder sound which sounds different, and it is because of that ideal for rock and blues. Sub-genre in music called acoustic rock consists of playing rock songs, which are made for electric guitar, on acoustic steel-string guitar.

    The electric guitar is probably the most played type of the guitar. This guitar was made in the first part of the 20th century, but its full expansion was in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, in the 20th century. This guitar and its unconventional sound were perfect for the hippie movement in the 60s, and then they started to use it. One of the best players of the time was Jimi Hendrix, who did various tricks with the guitar. As the rock makes its progress in later years with bands such as the Rolling Stones, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Deep Purple, Metallica, Nirvana, electric guitar and its strong chords came into attention.gibson_electric_guitar_bass_guitar_96483_1920x1080

    Simply, we couldn’t be able to imagine modern music scene if there wasn’t a guitar on it. Punk, rock, metal and other genres also wouldn’t exist. If you want to start playing some instrument, then go to the first music shop and buy yourself a guitar. You won’t make a mistake there. With the time, you will be able to play other string instruments as well.

What is new in modern music?

Posted by on May 14, 2016 in Music News |

    Music is something which is following the mankind since its beginning. People used hands and rocks to create first notes. Everything has evolved since then and so the music had its own changing directions. From the eras of baroque and classicism, operas, ballads, jazz, we arrived at the modern era and the modern music. Usually, it is referred to as the popular music or pop music.73136e41-f74e-4bcd-ba45-89847fa48739

    Pop music is popular among the masses and that is how it got its name. Some of the characteristics are that this music is generally sad, depressive, melancholic. A complete counterpart was the music half a century ago.

Half a century ago music was something which could be heard on the radio and cinemas etc. In this way, you need to wait some time for your music. Nowadays, you can do it with a simple click which isn’t hard at all.

    duetWhen it comes to singers, we can only say that there are much more female singers than male ones. Lyrics of sung songs are quite inadequate, boring and the music is so loud which is also something which isn’t preferred. Performers are using deep notes and they are making their songs last really long.

    This phenomenon has roots in the major world processes. With the appearance of globalism and the rise of consumerism and cultural individualism, quality of songs is very low. Simply, the music is presented as a just another product which needs to be sold. That is why the music needs to be popular. Managers and performers need the money and they will place anything on the market, anything to make money. The music industry is on the rise and the art quality is in the

    The performer needs to be a treat to the eyes. It doesn’t matter anymore how a person sings and it is more important how the person looks. All of the major pop stars have specialized diets and they are training all day long just to keep their physical appearance at the top of the ladder. Most of them go on the plastic surgery in order to boost up their body parts if they are unsatisfied with them.

    One of the best things in this world is that you can still choose what you will listen and who do you will listen. Sometimes we may understand that some people do like the music which doesn’t have some esthetical value or have some moral saying underneath its lines. Simply “Art for art’s sake” is enough, if that can be defined as real art.15-050203-how_to_choose_your_workout_music

    People who listen to the modern music needs something extravagant and not conventional in order to enjoy the melodies of bass, electronica, and computer played instruments. Anyhow, people who listened to the music half a century ago were satisfied. “Those were the times!” as some people said. What will be said in the future when referring to this hybrid music, noo one knows, and it is on the future to decide.

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